Professional Staff Confidential Voicemail Directory

Listed in alphabetical order by last name

Berlin Abrazado MFT
562-497-1505 ext.85

Austina Cho, M.D.
562-497-1505 ext.70

Jorge Dubin, M.D.
562-497-1505 ext.74

Stephen Gonzalez PhD.
562-497-1505 ext.75

Erika Juarez Ph.D.
562-497-1505 ext.81

Jim Loesch, MFT
562-497-1505 ext.80

Lynn Miller-Alban, LCSW
562-249-9001 ext.83

Satoko Murase, MFT
562-497-1505 ext.78

Najma Mashadi, LCSW
562-497-1505 ext. 94

Jon B, Oneal, MFT
562-249-9001 ext.84

Zecharia Oren, Ph.D.
562-497-1505 ext.73

Yuliya Perch, M.D.
562-497-1505 ext.80

Kim Prodger, LCSW
562-497-1505 ext.86

David Root, MFT
562-249-9001 ext.82

Milton "Rick" Salway, Ph.D.
562-497-1505 ext.77

Hillary Sherman-Wicks, LCSW
562-249-9001 ext.87

Connie Shin, MFT
562-497-1505 ext.90

Yoshika Sincock, MFT
562-497-1505 ext.76


To make a appointment for any of the above professional staff please call 562-497-1505 and press 0